About us

We are Sandra and José, both born and raised in Leiden, the Netherlands.
We are together for 24 years and got married in October 2022.
The things emigration can do to you.
José never thought he would leave Leiden. As a true citizen of Leiden, he preferred not to leave the city. Working in the cleaning business and later as a conductor on the trains, he was satisfied with the life he led. José really ia a people person, you can't make him happier than when he is chatting with people. As the host of our B&B, he will welcome the new guests and make sure that the rooms are kept clean and tidy!
Sandra always wanted to emigrate from The Netherlands. The quest for adventure started when she went to America as an Au Pair. Eighteen months later, she had to go back to Leiden and started her new job at the Zoo in Rotterdam. After several years together with José, she persuaded him to go to Australia for a year. That was really too far to live and so they built a life together in, yes, Leiden! As a true animal lover, she wanted to work with animals again. The dog walking service was a wonderful start to a new adventure. This expanded with a dog training school, which made our lives busy, but good!
This new adventure started because of a joke with friends to emigrate to Spain together. Jokes became ideas and ideas became plans.
Upon seeing this house, we fell in love with and José's enthusiasm was unstoppable.
We took the plunge and bought the house, carried out our plans and that's how we ended up here, as owners of a B&B in Spain.
Obviously we brought our pets with us, so we will take this chance introduce them to you:

This is Lola. She came to us as a naughty, six months old cat. She is very social, curious and inquisitive. Lola is always looking for adventure or mischief. You will certainly meet Lola somewhere on our grounds!

This is Charlie. Charlie came to us at 13 weeks. Terribly scared, the first two weeks she hid behind the laundry basket. Slowly but surely she came out of her shell and showed herself more and more. Still, she keeps to herself. During the day she often sleeps in a safe place, and at dusk she goes investigating!

This is our sweet dog Rico. He originally came from Spain, but came to live with us in March 2022. Anxious and with a bad leg it was difficult the first couple of months. After surgery on his hip, we saw him revive. Now that we are here in Spain, we see the real Rico! Much happier, more open and more curious. He really enjoys his freedom here.